Team Brain Damage

Team Brain Damage - Taste Death, Live Life!


Team Brain Damage is looking for your pics. Anything any action shots including any crashes, pictures to post here on our website, we will be posting the best picture each month on the main page, all other pictures will be posted in this picture gallery. The best picture of the month will receive a free Team Brain Damage hat or T-Shirt. All photos must be your own, no copyrighted photos can be submitted. If you stole it off the web its not yours, so don't send.

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Newest Pictures From Our Team Members at Badlands,SC  


Marty's Team Brain Damage Cars, Great Paint Jobs!


Bill In Racing Action At Wollcot,CT Region 1 Roar Championships

Crash Pictures From Kuwat


Mark  on the Team Brain Damage Kawasaki ZX7 at New Hampshire International Raceway

Please Always Wear Your Helmet!  My head was in this at 130+mph, I'm still here.

Team Brain Damage Travel Pics, An Epic Day At Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Team Brain Damage RC Cars


1991 Lamborghini Diablo

What more can you say? SWEEEEEEET!

To Learn More About This Car, Click Here To

1993 Lotus Esprit

After watching the James Bond "the spy who loved me"

 Who didn't want a White Lotus Esprit ?


Mike's Italian Collection

Jake's Dodge Viper Venom 600


 John's Lamborghini Countach 25th Anniversary