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Our Friends Say We Are Sick In The Head For Doing This Crazy Stuff, The Hell With Them! 

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Taste Death, Live Life! 

Approved Team Brain Damage Sports & Hobbies

Snowboarding, Surfing, Jet Skiing, Skateboarding, Street Luge, Ice Hockey, Inline Roller Hockey, Ice Climbing , Rock Climbing , BMX , Motocross , Motorcycle Road Racing , Superbikes ,  Wake Boarding , RC Car Racing , Downhill Skateboarding , Car & Kart Racing , Paintball , Sky Diving , Hang Gliding Mountain Biking , Mountain Boarding, Sand Boarding , Scuba Diving , Snowmobiling , Whitewater Rafting , Bungee Jumping, Mini Moto Pocket Bikes, YSR Racing

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